Critical Vulnerabilities in All in One SEO Plugin Affects Millions of WordPress Websites

Security researchers at Jetpack discovered two serious vulnerabilities in the All In One SEO Plugin. The vulnerabilities could allow a hacker to access usernames and

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How To Add Privacy Policy In WordPress | The Complete Guide (2022)

An Overview of Privacy Policies Many websites collect data from their audiences. This information can serve marketing purposes such as targeted ads. In general, many WordPress sites

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The Top 7 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress – Compared (2021)

If you want to understand what visitors are doing on your website and where they’ve come from, you need a web analytics tool. And when it comes

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How to Optimize Your WordPress Site for Lead Generation

Lead generation is used by websites to generate customer interest in a website’s services or products, and this can be achieved in multiple ways. As

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  • August 29, 2020
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How to Select the Right SEO Rank Tracking Software

SEO rank tracking tools are important components when it comes to digital marketing. When used well, they can optimize your digital marketing strategy. Besides other metrics

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