Critical Vulnerabilities in All in One SEO Plugin Affects Millions of WordPress Websites

Security researchers at Jetpack discovered two serious vulnerabilities in the All In One SEO Plugin. The vulnerabilities could allow a hacker to access usernames and passwords and also perform remote code execution exploits.

The vulnerabilities are dependent on each other in order to be successful. The first one is called a Privilege Escalation Attack, which allows a user with a low level of website access privilege (like a subscriber) to raise their privilege level to one with more access privileges (like a website administrator).

Last week, a security researcher at Automattic Marc Montpas recently discovered two severe security vulnerabilities within one of the most popular SEO plugins used by WordPress website owners: All in One SEO. The plugin is used by more than three million websites and if left unpatched could cause some serious headaches for WordPress users.

The Details

Both vulnerabilities require that the attacker have an account on the website, but the account could be as low-level as a subscriber. By default, new accounts are ranked as subscribers and do not have any privileges other than writing comments. However, certain vulnerabilities, such as the ones just discovered, allow these subscriber users to have vastly more privileges than they were intended to have. If a WordPress website has account creation enabled, when exploited in tandem, these two security holes allow an attacker to take over an unpatched WordPress website.

Authenticated Privilege Escalation

The first issue found with this plugin is interesting, and can be exploited by simply changing a single character of a request to uppercase. It affects versions 4.0.0 and of All in One SEO. This plugin has access to a number of REST API endpoints, but performs a permission check before executing any commands sent. This ensures that the user has proper permissions to instruct the plugin to execute commands. However, All in One SEO did not account for the subtle fact that WordPress treats these REST API routes as case-insensitive strings. Changing a single character to uppercase would bypass the authentication checks altogether.

When exploited, this vulnerability has the capability to overwrite certain files within the WordPress file structure, effectively giving backdoor access to any attacker. This would allow a takeover of the website, and could elevate the privileges of subscriber accounts into admins.

Vulnerable code in All-In-One-SEO WordPress plugin allowing for privilege escalation

Authenticated SQL Injection

The second vulnerability discovered is present in versions and of this plugin. There is a particular endpoint located here:


This endpoint isn’t intended to be accessible by low-level accounts. However, since the previous vulnerability described allowed for privilege escalation, the attackers could first elevate their privileges and then execute SQL commands to leak sensitive data from the database, including user credentials and admin information.

Vulnerable code in All-In-One-SEO WordPress plugin allowing for SQL injection


Read the Jetpack vulnerability report:

Severe Vulnerabilities Fixed in All In One SEO Plugin Version

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