How to Properly Ask for WordPress Support and Get It with WP Lovers

We help dozens of users on a daily basis providing them with free WordPress support help either via our twitter, or our Facebook Group. As a volunteer providing free support, every now and then it’s hard not to get frustrated with new users who ask questions in accusatory tone without taking the time and consideration to read or search through past information. At the same time we also understand the feeling of being completely overwhelmed by so much information because we were beginners too at one point. In this article, we will show you how to properly ask for WordPress support and get it.

Before You Ask, Understand this:

Before asking for WordPress support or help regarding a specific plugin or theme, you need to understand that WordPress is an open source community project. Everyone is welcome to create a plugin, theme, contribute patches to core, suggest/fix bugs, etc. WordPress is free, and so are most of the themes and plugins that you use with it.

Individual plugin developers or theme authors are NOT always part of the official WordPress core team. Often the plugins they release for FREE are something they created for their own use in their free time, or something they created for a client. So unless they are selling the plugin or theme, you should assume that they are not making any money from it.

Most of these developers make their income from doing freelance client projects. Even though most developers are ok with helping with a few small things, each will have a different point in which they will want to be paid for the extra support. The more respectful and thankful that you are, the more inclined they will be to help you out for little or no charge.

Remember you pay NOTHING to use the plugin, so the least you can pay the developer is some respect:)

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